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Flypast magazine

This publication is available!

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The FlyPast Magazine index can be found at the bottom of this page. It details the contents of each FlyPast back issue, indexed by aircraft type, issue and author.

Flypast Magazine began as a bi-monthly publication with the May/June 1981 issue, turning into a monthly magazine after issue three. Flypast is currently the United Kingdom’s top selling aviation magazine, its main completion being ‘Aeroplane’ and features comprehensive news section surrounding aviation history, aircraft restoration, air shows and heritage activities of any given month.

FlyPast often contains articles about historical aircraft types, recollections of airmen and aircrew from both military air forces and civilian airlines as well as reports from recent air shows and activity at aviation museums. It has run numerous themed series throughout its pages such as “Between the war’s fighters” and “Between the war’s bombers” focusing on a particular aircraft each month, and “Men behind the Medals” focusing one one particular pilot or air crew telling their story in detail. Flypast focuses less on what it is like to actually fly a particular aircraft than some other aviation magazines.

Type reports, providing an index of remaining samples and relating to a particular aircraft type are popular aspects of this publication. FlyPast largely focuses on World War Two era aircraft, occasionally foraying into early jet fighter types, and tends to focus on aircraft related to the United Kingdom in some shape or form.


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