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Air International

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The Air International Magazine index can be found at the bottom of this page. It details the contents of each Air International back issue, indexed by aircraft type, issue and author.

The first of issue of Air International magazine was published in June 1971, under the title Air Enthusiast. The new publication quickly attained the position of one of the top flight aviation and aircraft based magazines. As Air Enthusiast, it was further renamed 'Air Enthusiast International' in January 1974, prior to becoming the definitive Air International Magazine in July 1974.

Air International is widely acclaimed for its authoritative, well written, articles and good variety of civilian and military aviation topics. Feature articles mainly focus on individual aircraft types (including obscure aircraft), air forces, airlines/airways and the experiences of well known aviation personalities such as Eric ‘Winkle’ Brown. A popular series included the “A to Z of Fighter Aircraft” each month with details on every fighter plane ever built.

Most issues of Air International are thoroughly illustrated, the comprehensive cutaway drawings being particularly popular. Colour profiles, 3-views and side views of aircraft are also often included. More recently, publishing technology has evolved so that widespread aviation photography is used to illustrate aircraft articles.

In 1998 the coverage of the various Key Publishing aviation titles was streamlined with All the historical features of 'Air International' transferred to the bi-monthly 'Air Enthusiast', allowing Air International to have a more contemporary and modern aviation focus

Numerous well known aviation authors have written articles for Air International Magazine over the years

Volume 78, Issue 2, 2010

Air International

FRONT COVER: The A400M on its first flight. Roberto Yáñez.

INSETS: A Naval Strike Wing Harrier GR9. POA(Phot) P A Barrow/HMS Illustrious Photographic Section.

The Boeing 787 takes to the sky on its maiden flight. Boeing


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