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Air Enthusiast

The Air Enthusiast Magazine index can be found at the bottom of this page. It details the contents of each Air Enthusiast back issue, indexed by aircraft type, issue and author.
'Air Enthusiast Magazine' in its definitive form was first published 1974 under the title 'Air Enthusiast Quarterly' before being renamed to simply 'Air Enthusiast' after issue 5.**
Air Enthusiast Magazine focused on historical aviation and aircraft articles using a similar design, writing style and layout system to Air International. However compared to Air International, Air Enthusiast contained longer more extensive articles. It also focused only on historical aircraft types, civilian and military aircraft operators, including air forces, airlines and airbases.
Initially a quarterly publication, during the 1980's Air Enthusiast declined in publishing frequency to only be published three times per year. When the title was acquired from Tri-services Press by Key Publishing in 1989, Key changed it back to quarterly publication. They further increased the publishing frequency to bi-monthly from July 1995, with issue No.58.
In 1998, Air International ceased publishing historical features altogether, leaving Air Enthusiast as the top flight historical aviation magazine for Key Publishing. However the quality of writing within Air Enthusiast declined over time hurting sales,  and it was announced that Air Enthusiast was to be discontinued in 2007. The final Air Enthusiast Issue was number 131 published in September 2007.
Air Enthusiast issues tended to be about 80 pages each with each article illustrated with both black-and-white and colour photographs, 3-view drawings and occasionally cutaway diagrams. Most articles were thoroughly researched and documented but declined in quality towards the end of the printing run. Both propeller driven and jet powered aircraft were covered between its pages.
Air Enthusiast was edited by three well known aviation authors/editors, William Green and Gordon Swanborough from its inception to 1991, and Ken Ellis from 1991
**To confuse things further what is now Air International Magazine from the same magazine publishing group was initially titled Air Enthusiast Magazine from 1971 to 1974 after a transition as Air Enthusiast International. Click here to view the Air International Magazine Index if you are looking these early back issues.

Volume 108, November 2003

Air Enthusiast

Font Cover: Maurice Hammond's former RNZAF in period setting - see page 2
Inset: The CAF B-29 superfortress performing at midland - see page 28

Volume 69, May 1997

Air Enthusiast

For those that like classic airliners there is a tribute to the Vickers Vanguard and an intriguing piece on how Armstrong Whitworth assembled the giant Ensigns at Hamble. The incredible career of Canada's
triple DFC holder is told with a barrage of original photos.

From World War Two comes a sad tale of a Wellington collision and the story of the frustrated American Budd' RB-l transport.

Like your history a little more recent! A deep study of the DH Vampire in Egyptian service, including full colour artwork, reveals how they were delivered in Syrian markings, repainted and ferried to Cairo.

The delightful Miles Student jet trainer is analysed, including a full cutaway illustration.

Britain's 'swing·wing' steps to the Tornado are examined using plans and diagrams never before published, Considered a joke for a long lime, the Khmer Air Force became the backbone of the struggle for Cambodia 1970·75 superb coverage of a'forgotten' war

Volume 48, December 1992

Air Enthusiast

The last Sunderland anywhere, Edward Hulton's Mk 5 G-BJHS was built by Shorts and Belfast , but it forms a dramatic introduction to our flying-boat and Short Brothers oriented issue

Volume 47, September 1992

Air Enthusiast

All three of the JU·Air Alpine Aunties amid classic scenery. (Peter Gunti)


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