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Gee Bee Model B Sportster references, articles and publications

Aircraft Profile 51 - Gee Bee Racers

Profile Publications Peter M Bowers

"The position of the Gee Bee racers in aviation history is unique. If one considers the 1931 and 1932 Super Sportsters to be essentially one basic design, it is safe to say that no single model in air racing history has ever made such a spectacular entrance upon the scene or attained such a dominant place in the memory and affection of the racing enthusiasts. This is all the more remarkable because the significant racing history of the three most famous machines lasted barely more than one year. Other designs, notably the contempor¬ary Wedell-Williams series, turned in dependable performances year after year and amassed a far greater total of winnings. However, the Wedell-Williams is relatively unknown today while the stubby Gee Bees are almost invariably the first machines that come to mind whenever the spectacular 1930-39 period of American air racing, generally referred to as "the Golden Years", is mentioned.."


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