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Airspeed AS 57 Ambassador references, articles and publications

Image of British Airliner Prototypes Since 1945

British Airliner Prototypes Since 1945

Stephen Skinner

This in-depth study of British airliner prototypes from 1945 to the present gives a unique overview of post-war British airliner development. This is the first time that a detailed study has been produced in one volume on the prolific developmental output of British post-war civil aviation design. This book is the result of many years of dedicated research by the author, who has drawn upon previously unknown and untapped manufacturers' archives.
Following an in-depth introduction on the Brabazon Committee and the development of the post-war British aircraft industry, the author tells the fascinating story of the many designs which emerged over a 40-year period to compete in an ever-growing international market.
The book includes an overview of each airliner's genesis and development supported by performance and production details. The author provides a detailed history for each of the many prototypes with both color and black and white photographs, many of which have never been published before.
With the recent end of airliner manufacture in the UK by indigenous firms, this is a timely look at how the great story of airliner building in Britain developed post war and grew with great success over many years, and how now, at the beginning of the 21st century, British-built airliners are a thing of the past.



Number 72, July 1987, Flypast magazine

Don Middleton

Don Middleton concludes the story with the superb Ambassador.

Airspeed Ambassador

Number 7, February 1982, Flypast magazine

Charles E Jackson

Charles E. Jackson, who worked for BKS, remembers the ex-BEA Airspeed Ambassadors which the company operated in the '50s and '60s.

The Ambassador'S Return

Volume 31, Issue 04, 2003, Aeroplane / Aeroplane Monthly

Derek James

After BEA decided to dispose of the stylish but uneconomical Elizabethan Flight, several independent companies and one Air Force took on the well- maintained propliners, as Derek James explains

Individual Histories

Volume 31, Issue 04, 2003, Aeroplane / Aeroplane Monthly

Derek James

Derek James provides a production list with brief histories of all 23 Ambassadors built

Elizabethan Architecture

Volume 31, Issue 04, 2003, Aeroplane / Aeroplane Monthly

Derek James

A classic of its time in terms of construction, the Ambassador also introduced a number of innovative features, as Derek James's techn cal description reveals

The New Renaissance

Volume 31, Issue 04, 2003, Aeroplane / Aeroplane Monthly

British European Airways' fleet f Elizabethans, as the company dubbed the Ambassador, prefaced a new era of post-war elegance in air travel

Type History

Volume 31, Issue 04, 2003, Aeroplane / Aeroplane Monthly

Derek James

Derek James recounts the decisions made by the Brabazon committee in 1942 and the development of the graceful Ambassador from those proposals

A "New" Elizabethan

Volume 30, Issue 05, 2002, Aeroplane / Aeroplane Monthly

Roger Carvell

An in-the-workshop report by Roger Carvell on the Duxford Aviation Society's Airspeed Ambassador restoration project

Post-War propliners

Volume 20, Issue 12, 1992, Aeroplane / Aeroplane Monthly

John Stroud

Arthur Hagg's beautiful Airspeed Ambassador is the seventh type covered in John Stroud's series

Airspeed's elegant Ambassador

Volume 10, Issue 02, 1982, Aeroplane / Aeroplane Monthly

Don Middleton

Don Middleton opens his account of the aesthetical airliner that became a legend in its own lifetime


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