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A comprehensive index of Aviation related books magazines and aircraft from around the world

Recently Viewed Content

Whirlwinds In Action

Number 220, November 1999, Flypast magazine

Dave Scowen

Sikorsky's S-55 Workhorse Flew For The First Time On November 10, 1949. To Celebrate The Type's Soth' Birthday, Dave Scowen Remembers 'sharp End' Use By The Royal Navy In The Early I96Os.

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Drug-busting Night Wolves

Volume 11 Issue 7, 2010, Combat Aircraft Magazine

Ted Carlson

Ted Carlson/Fotodynamics reports on the US Navy’s only dedicated counter-narcotics squadron, VAW-77 ‘Night Wolves’

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Bombers from the Deep

Volume 14, Issue 5, October 2007, Classic Wings Magazine

Over the years several previously extinct or very rare types have been rescued from watery graves in various degrees of completeness and condition. Unfortunately those that broke the surface in the 50s and 60s were due to the high price of scrap metal, and many were lost. By the seventies there was a growing preservation movement worldwide, which although struggling with lack of funds and a large amount of apathy, began to make some impact, and by combining resources and where possible working with authorities some significant recoveries were achieved. In this article we will take a look at some of these, concentrating solely on the multi engine bombers, which due to their size present the largest logistical problems, however they also present the largest satisfaction, that is, if they go as planned!

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Volume 27, Issue 08, 1965

Air Pictorial

COVER: The prototype Short Sky-van in the colours of its first customer, Aer Alpi of Cortina, Italy, who have ordered two. Note the lowered tailplane, a feature of production Skyvans, which will also have a more pointed nose

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Image of Hummer: The Combat and Development History of the AM General High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (Mil-Tech Series)

Hummer: The Combat and Development History of the AM General High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (Mil-Tech Series)

Michael Green

Hummer: The Combat and Development History of the AM General High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (Mil-Tech Series)


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Travelling In Style

Volume 27, Issue 05, 1999, Aeroplane / Aeroplane Monthly

Norman Lees

Norman Lees recalls passenger flying with Airwork and Eagle Airways

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Lust For Life

Number 257, December 2002, Flypast magazine

Lusty Lindy Is A Living Tribute To The Victor Story. Jarrod Cotter Reports From Elvington And Meets A Dedicated Band Of Volunteers.

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Volume 38 Issue 08, 2005, Aircraft illustrated

Tony Holmes

Operation `Iraqi Freedom' didn't mark the last front-line action for the US Navy's last F-14 Tomcats - far from it, in fact. AI examines the `Big Cat's' role in operations over Iraq since the end of the air war proper, complete with aircrew accounts of life in the Tomcat hot seat as the type nears the end of its service life

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That Vulcan Effect

Number 342, January 2010, Flypast magazine

Steve Beebee

After a successful year, the team members behind the world’s only airworthy Vulcan bomber are looking forward to 2010 – as Steve Beebee found out.

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War Chariots

Number 215, June 1999, Flypast magazine

Beb Weir

Continuing His Series On Assault Gliders, Bob Weir Sums Up The Waco Hadrian.

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